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Malayitha Suppliers & Services (MSS) believes in and supports the emerging global consensus that the international community needs to do something – do something sooner rather than later – to pursue a low carbon path and to leave a healthier planet for our children.

Our Mission is to be a leading Global Renewable Energy company, providing superior quality products and services at competitive prices in order to ensure customer satisfaction. The management of MSS believes there is a current untapped market opportunity due to the power crises spread across the country on a very large scale.

The team at MSS is dedicated towards bridging this power decit in an environmentally friendly way.

Solar Power plants convert the sun’s energy into solar electricity. The sun is the largest source of energy in the form of heat and light energy. Solar Power has a huge potential to make a major impact on the electricity requirement in homes and industries. That the sun supplies as much energy onto the earth in a single day that equals the annual energy requirement is enough to judge the amount of solar energy that goes untapped.

A big advantage of solar energy systems is that a properly installed system doesn’t require much maintenance. When compared to other power sources, this is a big advantage because you cannot bear the heavy cost of power system maintenance.

Solar Power is becoming increasingly practical every day. From being an expensive source of electricity, solar energy has turned into an economical power source in the long-run. In addition to these savings, you are also going to save the monthly electrical bills as there are no recurrent bills to be paid.

The amount of electricity generated from solar energy depends upon the available sunlight. However, with new advances in technology it is possible to generate sufcient amount of electricity even in cloudy conditions. The next advantage of using solar energy is that it doesn't emit any pollution into the environment. Solar panels don't release any emissions into the atmosphere while generating electricity. This is not something that can be expected from electricity generated from thermal sources and hydroelectric source. Additionally, there are efforts on way to recycle solar panels.

Solar Power is flexible in its setup. When you want to power your entire home, a large number of solar panels can be mounted on the roof, and when you require solar energy to power the garden lights or something that requires less electricity, a smaller numerb of solar panels are required. Installing Solar Power systems can be timesaving because it doesn't require running long wiring.

Solar Power can also be used for running a wide range of devices. It is suitable for running homes, industries and even for powering satellite. Even, solar powered cars have been developed, and efforts are on way to make these vehicles more economical. solar energy technology is also developing at a fast rate, making it more practical and economical.

Nowadays, even government is offering rebate and tax exemptions to those who install Solar Power in their home. This makes it possible for homeowners to install these systems at affordable prices. In the most remote locations, solar energy is the ideal source of electricity. In fact, it is more economical to install solar panels in such areas than running power lines.