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Malayitha Suppliers & Services!

Malayitha Suppliers & Services (MSS) ability to provide consistent high quality services at competitive cost is made possible by our deviation from traditional form of cleaning management where job supervision is overseen by various levels of management. The services rendered by us include mainly Manual & Technical Housekeeping Services. The applications areas served by us are mainly Offices, Hospitals, Corporate Guest Houses, Banks, Industries, Shopping Malls and many more.
All our business policies come in the ambit of supreme quality policies, our team members make sure to implement all the clients needs, in order to provide them with world-class services. Owing to crystal clear environment and ethical business practices our constant endeavor is to provide the clients with the best possible solutions.

Our infrastructure is sophisticated and ultra modern. It is outfitted with all the necessary facilities and amenities. We are involved in the advancement of arms and immunizations frequently to cater the needs of our clients. We have a team of dedicated and committed professionals who are well versed in their respective field of operation. They are provided training on a regular basis in order to deliver best quality services to our clients. They stay well aware of the latest trends prevailing in the industry in order to provide excellent class services to our clients.

MSS is growing fast in every aspect in order to meet the demand of the fast growing Industry. We are supported by a strong management team comprising people with relevant technical experience. We believes that a good health is conducive to the productivity and the quality of our surroundings; we strive to provide excellent cleaning services to satisfy the challenging need of our customers.

At MSS we have pioneered a program whereby our staff monitors your premise together with you and guarantee that your customized cleaning schedule will be followed in an efcient, effective and professional manner. We feel that it not the quantity of supervisor that matters but the quality of the supervisor that counts.

MSS employee’s selection, employee training and periodical inspections are to ensure that our serivces in your premises will meet your expectation. We understand that personnel selection; instruction and evaluation must be conducted in accordance to accomplish customers cleaning requirements. Taking into consideration the requirement of your business nature our selection of the employees entails a personal interview followed by through reference check. Our instruction to the staffs involves combination of method of work, which includes hand-on demonstration and printed instruction. This is to ensure that our workers will be able to execute the task given accurately and confi dently.

Assuring prospective client our best services, we hope your good self will give us the opportunity to establish cordial relationship.

Entrusted with the task of your housekeeping services, MSS being a professional people in the cleaning industry will henceforth take full responsibility of your premises and ensure that we will employ our best effort in meeting your requirement.

Our processional cleaning system is designed to cater our client’s customized need in order to achieve their requirement based on their budget.

Our experience technical staff and trained workers aspire to deliver high quality cleaning services.

Our modern equipment together with the right choice and quality of chemical used in executing our task enable us to ensure a better finishing.

MSS with its experienced technical staff will be able to support and assist your company in making your effort a reality. As the realization toward the important of house keeping increase among the industrial society, it is our duty to upgrade your company’s house keeping requirement in order to the industrial standard. In doing all this we believe that your business will be a success. We have a vast interest in your success because our business depends on your success. At MSS, whether your business is small or large, you will get the same professionalism from us.

To enable us to provide quick and effective response to all the needs of our customer’s requirement, we have a short and flexible and yet efficient chain of command. The personnel assigned to your facility and directly in charge of all day to day tasks. The personnel will work closely with the manager in conjunction with the operation of the immediate area. The operation manager is responsible for the inspection of work and provides back up to ensure continuity of high quality performance. The manager conducts inspection primarily during business hours and periodical throughout the year.